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Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) can add a significant chunk to your home loan costs – but what if we told you it could be avoided?

Enter Loan Nerds: your no LMI mortgage brokers. We specialise in helping Australians secure home loans with waived LMI, thus saving you money upfront and throughout your loan term.

What is LMI and why would I want it waived?

LMI protects the lender if you can’t repay your home loan. Of course, if you are certain that won’t be an issue, then waiving it means you can avoid this extra cost, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long-run.

How can I qualify for a no LMI home loan?

Several factors can influence LMI requirements, but a larger deposit (generally 20% or more) is a key factor. We can help you explore your options when the time comes.

Can Loan Nerds really help me get a waived LMI loan?

Of course! Our lenders mortgage insurance exemption specialists have a proven track record of securing no LMI loans for our clients. Don’t settle unnecessarily for a bigger mortgage payment!

Loan Nerds: Saving You Thousands on Your Dream Home

Our no LMI home loan brokers in Parramatta will assess your situation, find the best lenders with LMI exemptions, and guide you through every step of the process. Easy!

Simply contact us for a free consultation and see how much you can save on your dream home!

Our Team Members

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I am passionate about helping people reach their property goals. A Master's degree in Accounting, a CPA qualification, and extensive experience spanning over a decade within the finance industry have enabled me to offer clients a unique proposition of professionalism and excellence. I became a Mortgage Broker in 2014, after experiencing the benefits of using one for my own home purchase. Since then, I have assisted over 500 clients with their home loans. In 2023, we started a company, Loan Nerds, to leverage technology and provide a unique solution to customers that is highly competitive but personalized to their own circumstances.

Azm Khan

Principal and Director

Rajiv has a wealth of experience in the Financial Services industry. He has completed a Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA with a major in Finance and currently holds a Diploma and Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking. Rajiv started his Mortgage Broking career as a Credit Representative of Connective Group and held various positions both in Australia and overseas.

Rajiv Saha

Senior Mortgage Broker

Nabila brings over more than 2 years of dedicated service to Loan Nerds as a mortgage broker. She leveraged her expertise as a mortgage broker associate and loan writer since 2019. Her educational background includes a Certificate IV and Diploma in Finance & Mortgage Broking, a Graduate Certificate in FinTech from UNSW, and an MBA from the University of Dhaka. Nabila brings a proven track record of success, having assisted over 200 clients in achieving their dream of homeownership.

Nabila Alam

Mortgage Broker

Mandeep is a dedicated mortgage broker who prioritises his clients' needs above all else. He's known for his positive attitude, patience, and ability to think creatively to find the perfect loan solution, even if traditional options fall short. Mandeep's extensive experience working with various banks allows him to navigate different lender policies and secure the best fit for you.

Mandeep Singh

Mortgage Broker